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About Us


Stratford Shotokan Karate is Connecticut's leading traditional Shotokan Karate Dojo. Our instructors hold over 40 years of experience combined in the art of traditional Shotokan Karate and train directly under senior instructor Bennett, San. Stratford Shotokan Karate specializes in teaching foundational Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying techniques through the  martial art of Karate-Do to help grow confident, disciplined leaders in our community. Stratford Shotokan offers traditional Japanese trainings and philosophies to students of all ages 3yrs old and up. Because we are a family owned and managed karate dojo, we understand the balances of life and hold true to our orignial goal of offering traditional, quality instruction in a Dojo that you can call home.


If you are looking to lose weight, get in shape or simply stay active, Stratford Shotokan Karate offers a program that is right for YOU! Please take a look at our schedule to find the appropriate class for your lifestyle.

            Shotokan Training


Our classes specialize in:


- Self Defense: basic foundational techniques and awareness skills


- Anti- Bullying/Bullyproof: Building confidence through appllication


- Kihon: Instruction of traditional stances, blocks and strikes.


- Kata: Set patterns practiced to prepare the mind and body for application of our Kihon.


- Kumite: Sparring against an opponent. We teach 3 structured forms of sparring focusing on strategy, application and defense.

           Beginning your Training


Begin your training in 3-Easy Steps!


1. Contact Stratford Shotokan to arrange a

    free trail.

2. Train for 1 full week in any of our scheduled

    classes to find the curriculm that best fits

    your schedule.

3.  Enroll with our office staff to gain full

     access to all member benefits of our Dojo.


What you need for a free trail:

All prospective students taking advantage of the

free trial week in our various programs should:


- Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing (ie. sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, basketball shorts etc.)

- Be prepared to face new, exciting challenges!

- Come with an open mind!




The Instructors of Stratford Shotokan Karate hold over 40 yrs experience training under Bennett, San. Stratford Shotokan instructors continue to practice with Bennett, San on a regular basis thus strengthening the integrity of the art.







                    Samuel Diaz Jr. - Sandan


Mr. Diaz began his training in 1987 after his completion of United States Military Service. Mr. Diaz has a vast knowledge in hand to hand combat in addition to his in-depth understanding of the application of Shotokan Karate in realistic, self-defense situations.




                    Samuel Diaz III - Sandan


Samuel Diaz III began his training in 1987 at the tender age of 2 yrs old. Samuel showed an early passion for the art of Shotokan that has since fueled his progress and success at some of the most elite levels of martial arts competition. Samuel has a great understanding of various facets of the martial arts and specializes in Kumite and Kata practice. Samuel has garnered numerous awards and championships at some of the most prestigious martial arts events on the East Coast. Samuel has also competed in the historic Nisei Week Traditional Shotokan competition where he placed 3rd in team competition as a representative of the East Coast and 2nd in individual competition. Samuel garnered a Hall of Fame Induction as Competitor of the Year for 2012 after winning his 4th championship at the World Martial Arts Games held in Bregenz, Austria.


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